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Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham with Collette Tupling

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Get Back to Your Natural Sleeping Pattern with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in CheltenhamAn estimated 30 percent of the population of the UK population is affected by insomnia - 10 percent of which are chronic cases. It affects all age groups with women usually suffering more then men.

Hypnosis is often effective because it can help you to learn to relax both mentally and physically using a variety of relaxation techniques.

Most sufferers reaffirm their belief that they will not be able to get to sleep and hypnotherapy helps them reeducate the mind in expectation of a restful and good nights sleep.

Insomnia can impact on our work and personal lives, and we become demotivated and disinterested in aspects of our every day living that we used to really enjoy. Loved ones can bear the brunt of our fatigue as we become snappy due to frustration. Work performance suffers, anger can be close by and often we feel that we just can’t cope as easily.

Why Do we Need to Sleep?

We are designed to sleep. People vary in the amount of sleep they require, 7 hours is deemed the average, but good quality sleep is important for psychological and physical health.

Sleep deprivation can lead to cognitive problems, memory loss, an inability to solve simple problems and a heightened emotional state. Poor sleep can lead to increased anxiety, depression and health problems. Poor sleep patterns do affect the ability to lose weight, and they can contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes and the risk of heart disease.

Good quality sleep can improve physical health, due to the powerful antioxidants that are produced which increase the immune system functionality.

Sleep, through our dreams, has a vital role to play in desensitizing all the emotional events of the day, effectively processing those stressful aspects of our lives, allowing us to assimilate them and adapt to them.

Where insomnia exists, dreams become fragmented, excessively vivid and/or absent altogether, and we're left still dragging the remnants of old, unprocessed emotions along with us, not to mention the lack of physical restoration caused by insomnia....... something’s got to give!

Insomnia is an example of the body being out of balance. The balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is not working effectively. You can retrain this system through hypnosis.

Why Hypnotherapy Can Help Insomnia?

Hypnotherapy can help reduce the anxiety or depression, which contribute to insomnia, it can also act as a refocus for pain and poor sleep hygiene, and can help regulate erratic sleep patterns.

This is where hypnosis helps. It allows us to generate the correct brain wave patterns conducive to sleep. Once in this state your body will naturally drift off to sleep and sleep deeply, waking you up refreshed.

Using the free relaxation CD I give you, every night, sleep can be achieved naturally, and the association between the hypnotherapy CD and sleep grows, becoming stronger and stronger.

Alongside this, during the hypnotherapy sessions we work at identifying some of the areas, mind sets that may need changing. This works to move you into a 'problem solving' frame of mind, allowing you to examine your life, consciously and unconsciously, enabling you to recognise where change is needed, allowing the stress to leave your life naturally.

Your body and brain know how to go to sleep, and they are waiting patiently for you to simply stop trying, so that they can take over!

Cheltenham Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Insomnia caused by drugs, hormones or mental disturbances such as Bipolar are not generally treated using hypnotherapy. Check with your GP if you're unsure, if they say it's anxiety related then Hypnotherapy certainly can work alongside getting your sleep hygiene right.

Come along for a free consultation and find out how quickly you can be experiencing improvements in your sleep pattern using Hypnotherapy.

Sleep is an area where Collette experiences particularly high levels of success, and you can be sure you're in capable hands.

Take a positive step to change now by calling 07739 085 686 or 01242 279 562 to find out how hypnotherapy can help you sleep better and to book an initial consultation in Cheltenham.

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