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Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham with Collette Tupling

Cheltenham Hypnotherapy Appointments

What happens in a Hypnotherapy session?

The initial consultation is an opportunity for us to meet and for you to feel comfortable with me, the process and what hypnotherapy is all about. We will talk through your issue and what changes you are looking to achieve. We will discuss your expectations for Hypnotherapy and how you want it to help you.

We will always take into account any work being done with other healthcare professionals – it’s fairly common for clients to also be seeing their GP for their conditions.

I go on to explain how the mind works - how anxiety and depression are created and why some people experience the particular symptoms they do. More importantly how we can work together to get your life back on track. For many clients simply by having this explanation and realising that they ARE able to take control of their lives, they begin to see positive changes almost immediately. Any questions or misconceptions about hypnosis would also be dealt with.

As well as establishing a clinical record, the discussion contributes to building trust and confidence between the therapist and the client. Feeling safe, comfortable and secure with the therapist helps the ease and success of using hypnosis.

The process of hypnosis feels good, and in producing a state of relaxation, makes you happier in itself. Each week we will use hypnosis to consolidate new learning and to give you a context in which to reassess unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour and focus on how you want to be. A CD for you to listen to at home will reinforce these sessions.

You will be given a FREE 30-minute guided relaxation / self-hypnosis CD that you can listen to in between hypnotherapy sessions. This will form an integral part of your treatment and will help you both relax and familiarize yourself with my voice.

In subsequent sessions I will work with you to determine the goals you wish to achieve, and create your person-centred treatment plan. Each week we will work with: -

  • Acknowledging where you are currently
  • Identify where you want to be
  • Helping YOU to make the necessary changes

How Soon Will I See Changes With Hypnotherapy?

The effectiveness and speed of your progress will be very much down to your commitment to the process. I will use many proven and scientifically backed techniques that will often involve homework between sessions. People are often under the misconception that hypnotherapy is “done” to them, and their problem is suddenly miracled away. With commitment and a good working relationship it may seem like this sometimes but it is very much about YOU making the changes and YOU being prepared to take the necessary steps to allow that change to happen.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a much more collaborative process where you will gain tools and understandings for life which will enable you to make these changes both lasting and permanent.

For most sessions we will use hypnosis as part of the therapy to relax you and focus your subconscious mind on the issues you would like to deal with.

There are many different ways of achieving trance state. Usually, you lie in a reclining chair or couch and the therapist talks to you in a slow and soothing voice. You may be asked to imagine or visualize certain things and will be guided through a very relaxing process using imagery, stories and suggestions to bring about your desired change in life. You will feel very relaxed, calm and refreshed but still aware of your surroundings.