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Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham with Collette Tupling

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Do You Worry all the Time and Feel Like Your Negative Thinking is Taking Over?

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in CheltenhamAround twelve million adults see their GPs with mental health problems each year - most of these suffer from anxiety and depression, much of which is stress-related.

Anxiety will affect twice as many women as men and can have a debilitating affect on your life.

Stress or anxiety is a common complaint in today’s society and most people encounter it at some point. A certain amount can be dealt with naturally as long as it stays within our ‘safe levels’. Sometimes though once we've experienced it, it is difficult to stop.

It is when the events in our lives cause an overload of anxiety that we can end up with a variety of problems. This means the subconscious, emotional mind prompts the body to go back to primitive responses – of anxiety, anger, fear, panic - and a desire to escape. In our modern world, our minds and bodies confuse ordinary everyday worries for threat and this is when problems can begin.

Anxiety covers a broad spectrum and not everyone who suffers with anxiety has experienced a panic attack. Your anxiety may be just a temporary thing, such as a driving test, examination or you have a big presentation to give, these can all be helped with hypnotherapy quite quickly. If your anxiety is more persistent and ingrained and often can have increasingly developed over time then more sessions will be required, which can be discussed during the initial consultation.

The Difference Between Stress and Anxiety

Stress is any pressure or accumulation of pressures – physical or psychological – that is too much for a person to cope with comfortably. Therefore, what is perceived as stress will vary from individual to individual.

Stress is an unhealthy state of mind or body and can seldom be overcome with drugs alone.

Excessive or prolonged stress can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion, increased anxiety, panic attacks and even illness.

Symptoms can be physical and/or psychological. So if you suffer from headaches, migraines, digestive problems including ulcers, insomnia, fatigue, high blood pressure, nervousness and excessive sweating, muscle aches and even hair loss, you are experiencing the physical symptoms.

The emotional symptoms include: anger, depression, irritability, frustration, over-reaction to everyday problems, sense of dread, memory loss and a lack of concentration for any task. In the long term these could develop more acutely causing diminishing self esteem resulting in compulsive behaviours, eating disorders and a feeling you are losing control. And whilst your rational mind may convince you it is silly – you keep on suffering and doing the same old things, governed by repetitive negative thought processes that are fed, in turn, by anxiety, stress and fear.

Anxiety is created by this negative thinking (often about past/ future events i.e. things we cannot change) and the more we think in a negative way, the more our brain encourages us to continue that line of thought and we become trapped in this cycle of.

Hypnotherapy Can Help Your Anxiety

One of the key benefits of Hypnotherapy is that it actually helps reduce the levels of stress hormones in the brain, which naturally helps us to bring our anxiety levels under control.

By understanding how the brain responds to anxiety, individuals can take control back and deal with life situations more appropriately.

Hypnotherapy gives us the ability to cope in different situations in a calm and effective way. It helps to break that cycle and gets you focusing on the positive aspects of your life. It gives you more control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, so you can cope better with your life.

Cheltenham Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

How you will benefit from hypnotherapy:

  • You will learn to understand why anxiety has come about for you. This will help you to regain control and make sense of the situation
  • You will develop you own coping mechanism with new strategies to deal better with aspects of life that cause you stress or anxiety
  • You will learn how to be physically and also how to respond to events
  • Help you to make the permanent changes you want to make by developing new perspectives and responses.

Take a positive step to change now by calling 07739 085 686 or 01242 279 562 to find out how hypnotherapy can help reduce your anxiety and to book an initial consultation in Cheltenham.

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